Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shivaji Park

Shivaji park

That hand appeared in front of him suddenly.It was not a request, nor a plea. it was just a hand which expected him to hold it and help. Bhavesh looked at the face of the lady who lent her hand to him. she was around 40-45. There was a childlike expression and weird eye motion. Bhavesh kept guessing if she were blind. He kept thinking while another person took the lady's hand and made her sit on a nearby bench. To bhavesh's surprise, there was no complain for his seemingly rude behaviour.
Bhavesh used to come for jog every morning to shivaji park. Today it was raining heavily and for the first time he took shelter in a gym, located in a corner of the shivaji park. Normally, he loves to get drenched in Mumbai rains. But today, he just didn't want to get wet for no obvious reasons.That lady probably came there as well to avoid rain. He gave a look at the lady again. She was not blind, but looked like mentally challanged now. Bhavesh also noticed the addidas shoes she was wearing along with her Saree.

It was still raining really heavily and Bhavesh just wanted this rain to get over.Suddenly a boy around 7-8 yrs old came there shouting, probably for the lady. Lady got up and started waving at him furiously, again in a very childlike manner. The boy had a white Maruti Omni behind him. It was around 20meters away. That lady was in a hurry and took the hand of the person who helped her earlier and almost ran towards the boy. Bhavesh started moving to give way to that lady, suddenly the hand appeared again and this time Bhavesh couldn't refuse. Soon he was holding the other hand of the lady and was taking her to the boy. Once he reached near the Omni, other person took control and made the lady sit in the car while bhavesh kept looking from a distance. The Man also had a chat with person who was driving the Omni. After having a brief chat, The Omni started moving and in a minute it disappeared.

That man walked towards the gym again where he noticed that Bhavesh was still there. He came near Bhavesh and before he could utter a word, his eyes and expression said that these ladies need our pity and we have to help them, they are so dependent. Before he could speak the same words from his lips, Bhavesh's eyes gave him an angry look and person left without saying a word.

Soon, Bhavesh was moving back his home as he realized he was too drenched now.

Notes from train journey - unedited version

32 hours train journey

..and if i had a choice
yeah.. i would wana be there

the lines you know.. summer of 69
well i ll use it for a real bad and irrelevant analogy

i am on train .. this is a really long journey and obviously if i had a choice i wud wana be at my place. i'm going to patna. but they this time this train journey is not so bad.. esp. if you got a laptop..

i boarded this train last night (14th aug'08) started from mumbai at 11:30 and will reach or rather try to reach patna on 16th aug'08 morning 5am - giving me ample time to celebrate independence day on the train with co-passengers.

co-passengers doesnt seem to bother about the fact that today is independence day.. but not for sure,if they look at me typing at my laptop, they will also not think that im thinkin bout independence day..

so how to celebrate independence day on train-
1) i got a patriotic song on my laptop (maa tujhe salaam) - though i'm not listening to it (summer of 69), but i want them to listen to it.and i just want to have some big woofers so that whole train can listen to it and then we can say that we celebrated.

2) this little kid of someone has come and doing something, i want to hug him the same way the girl sitting in front of me did - then give him some chocolates and say happy independence day(?) little crappy idea though

3) i want to see the video recording of T20 world cup final on my laptop - i dont have :(

4)i want to deliver a 5-min speech to co-passengers about the greatness of india and how difficult it was to acheive freedom - and convince them that today is a very important day. so we should thank those who sacrificed their life so that we can type on laptop in an 3-tier ac train, there was a time we were not even allowed to board ac boggies.

5)i want to curse myself for watching fondly london/scotland/paris pics on my laptop just before i started writing this

most probably i wont do any of these - or may b at a diff place and with diff ppl, i cud have possible done it.
Anyways - \
how typical indian i am :(

baaki ka part ghar pe likhna parega.. laptop has become so common dude.. ek baar charger kya hataya .. chargers ki line lagi pari hai :(

Return Journey
- not as many laptops as were last time
- no chargers, so doesnt make much difference
- one person was saying that angrezi mein ek kahawat hai "Time and Tide not wait for any1" - i suddenly remembered a blog by bhau about ppl discussin in a mkt place about human anatomy
- co-passenger is a lady, all the time she is talking about her daughters and herself. i suspect she wants to marry off one of her daughters to me..:)
she is asking about my title etc and whether i am a bania or not, she seemed a little disappointed to know that i am a rajasthani by origin, but quickly added that she doesnt believe in caste systems etc. she kept asking on stuff like whether we are vegeterians or not. she talks a lot, even if her daughter is sushmita sen, i wont marry her..uski maan hi itna pakayegi. anyways i dont care

- kuch baatein jo wo kar rahi hain
my father-in-law was great in picking up right girls for marriage - and believe it the first example she gave was that of herself

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What does a pizza boy do in Cambridge?

The pizza boy in cambridge

The name pizza boy struck: I generally have a vegeterian pizza almost everyday for lunch in office canteen, in london. I'm not a big fan of pizza - its just the best available lunch for me here. I hate the name - after all, a pizza boy never delivers pizza for himself!! I love indian food - frankly speaking, being a hardcore vegeterian you are anyways not left with too many options.
So when i began my journey to cambridge with two vegeterian mates (believe me its very rare event), I was very happy. The one-and-half hour journey to cambridge was nothing special - i slept for most of the part of journey as usual. I have a thing for sitting in something moving i guess - whenever i sit even in an auto, my brain ( a computer made in 80's ) is attacked by some unknown virus, it starts feeling overheated and tries to hibernate, my eyelids become so heavy, eventually however hard i try, i give in myself to this insatiable desire to sleep.
so i was explaining how happy i was to be with two vegeterians on board on my way to cambridge. Our first agenda was to know - a) where to roam around and most importantly b) what to eat?
I knew that even if you go to Paris ( will explain that trip some other day), if you have desire, you can always find an indian restaurent. So hoping for the same, i kept looking, while the friends along with me were too happy ( or too hungry ?) to see Pizza hut there and have something,I used all my negotiation and convincing skills ( dont laugh - i have some!! ) to ensure they also keep looking and just when we were about to give in to pizza hut - i spotted a restaurant called " Gandhi place - the indian restaurent". It was a matter of time when we were inside. we asked the lone indian waiter standing there - what is there to eat and what are the places we can visit in Cambridge. He started in Hindi : "yahan kuch nahi hai.. pata nahi log kyu aate hain yaha ghumne" - listenting to that i was already cursing my friend who took us there. Later he also handed us over the menu. First the drink menu - it had a big poster of GandhiJee on its background and all exotic drinks i have heard of printed over it. Then we looked at
the lunch menu - i couldn't spot a single vegeterian dish there.. only lambs, chicken and meat. May Mahatma Gandhi's soul rest in peace!!
So finally we were sitting in Pizza hut and the name struck again - The pizza boy!!!
The tri-colleges

we saw King's college - initiated by King Henry VI, Queen's college - initialted by the queen of king Henry VI ( there was a fair competition for supremacy even in those days!!!) and trinity college - initiated by ( ahem.. forgotten!!). Needless to say, they were too beautiful and scenic. In trinity college, I stood along with Mr Newton and we both had a photograph together. I also spotted Mr Amartya Sen in the Mess - but the thing i could not spot was the Newton's apple tree- which should have been there according to map provided there. Anyways, It was not the original apple tree which inspired Newton to come up with the theory of gravitation and all - but probably a descendent of that ( Man.. do you think it should be given any iota of attention ), original tree lies somewhere else.
The best thing we did there was punting - its rowing using a long bamboo. To move, you push the soil beneath the river using the bamboo and to steer you use the same bamboo in water, i also tried my hand without any success. The Puntman ( the one who was rowing for us , i dont know the word, so coined one), was not doing his job at his best - splashing the dirty water over us, and getting a hell lot of abuses in "hindi" from us for that and completing the punting in just 25 mins or so. Finally when our punting finished and we bid him goodbye - he said " Phir Milenge"..
The returning to london was as usual - the same virus hit my programs again and my brain was hibernating in no time..

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hope and Me

Hope, My dear friend, told me
"I am the one who kept you alive
In good days
In bad days
It was me who carried you
When you could not move
In the darkness
In the suffering.

It was me who held your hand
When there was noone to wipe your tears

You want me to leave
You are selfish and fool
You will die without me in a second."

I replied
"You say you were with me
In all the sufferings
In all the darkness
But truth is that
You were the one who brought
all the sufferings
all the darkness.

I never knew the difference
between the happiness and the suffering
between the light and the darkness.
And One Day
You showed me a smile
and said this is life
You showed me those sparkling eyes
and said this is happiness.

I was fool
I believed you and suffered
Now leave me,
I can live without you."

The Hope went away from me
And the most useless person died!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Place : Bangalore
Date : 28th October 2006

The city would come to a standstill. Dont believe me!!!! Check out for any medium of transportation .. be it Railways, Buses , Airplanes even autos and taxis!!! Not a single ticket available. People are leaving the city!! Mass Exodus!!!!!!!

For those who can't get tickets.. There is another solution.. You can even see the advertisement by a leading Mobile company in banglore :
Khabru daurega.. suru daurega.. Muzik Kumar Daurega.. Badruddin Daurega... Kone wala Daurega.. Gay Kumar daurega.. Sab daurenge..aur mysoor bhag jayenge..
28 October ko bangalore daurega!!!
City khali boss.. but Why??

aur kyu?? Himesh Reshamiya is Coming to perform...
I couldn't get a ticket for mass exodus..and too lazy to run.. anyone sacrificing his ticket???

( Boss I am too alergic to his songs, so have written in desperation..)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Wrong Hour

All the people came
and all are going
Life is as usual
happy and boring
Everything is perfect, believe me
It's just the wrong hour.

All the mistakes I made
and all the crap I said
is forgotten.
I knew they won't come back
and they are not coming back, believe me
It's just the wrong hour.

Nothing more I wanted
and Nothing more I had
just a bit of pride
and a little self-respect
Nothing would happen, I knew
even if I loose a little bit of them too..
and nothing is happening, believe me
so these wet eyes are nothing
It's just the wrong hour.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yengappa Mooriyalle

Nowadays I am not in a mood of writing poems. Its not that I have written enough or I am.. sort of.. bored of it. This is because of my phony blogger friends. They would always pretend they can do everything!! It’s so disgusting. To tell you the truth, it’s so disgusting I can puke thinking of it!! I guess after reading my poetry they must have realized that if this sonuvabitch can write poems why can’t they!!! It’s funny though, in a way. You write one crap and then you are made to read several craps and to comment on them. Its not that I have to comment on them.. and frankly speaking I also don’t care if they comment on my post or not!!! (Of course I m lying!! :D)

The other reason for this change is this hell of a novel I was reading “The Catcher in the Rye" by Salinger. The protagonist of the novel is Holden Caulfield who is the most useless but still most reasonable character I have ever seen!! This post is dedicated to this character. In case you don’t know about this novel, for your GK , This is one of the most favorite books of Serial Killers. One guy, who killed this guy… John Lennon.. had this book and then One other Guy who tried to kill Ronald Reagan had it too... If you keep these incidences in mind...I am completely sober.

Let me come to my topic “Yengappa Mooriyalle ". All word power booster books tell you to go to the derivation of the word.. When was it first coined and all. This word was coined by my elder brother. But the popularity it has (I am sure none of you have ever heard of it!!) is just because of me.

It was when I went to Hosur to complete my training and all. I found there some friends from IIT Chennai. One day we were walking on the road when I realized how phony these guys are. They didn’t know more than 10 words of Tamil and were showing as if they had written the Tamil Grammar. These phonies were so disgusting. To tell you the truth, I can puke thinking of them.

They were talking among themselves and even they forgot they had someone around who didn’t know the 10 words of Tamil they knew. I can’t withstand such a phony behavior. To cut the crap… I suddenly said “Yengappa Mooriyalle” and guess what!! These phonies started trying to figure out the meaning!!! I am not saying those were not good people. They are really very nice people and all. I swear...really. But sometimes even good people can behave in a way which drives you crazy.

Take this guy... who also used to stay at the same place where I lived and unfortunately shared the same mess. If you know that most of the people are not Tamil there but still you start the conversation in Tamil... See others faces and then show as if you now realized that they don’t understand a damn thing... You are the most disgusting creature ever who set foot on this planet called earth!! Sonuvabitch!!! The only word I could utter to stop puking was “Yengappa mooriyalle”!!!!!
Now understand it you crap!!!

Hey people... if this piece of shit hurts you... Sorry... but I mean it!! And yes... This is not me but Holden Caulfield who is writing this!!! Sonuvabitch!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I have seen ..

I have seen hope..
dying and rising again as the phoenix
flowing in the veins with blood
and shining from the eyes.

I have seen desperation..
entering in the head
fighting with conscience
and begging to die...

I have seen sympathy..
coming from all around
making you feel debilitated.
without telling why..

I have seen the world..
as an enemy, as a friend.
changing its face with the time
but keeping you alive..


I have seen pride..
keeping its head always high
its meeting with innocence
and melting down through the eyes..