Sunday, June 22, 2008

What does a pizza boy do in Cambridge?

The pizza boy in cambridge

The name pizza boy struck: I generally have a vegeterian pizza almost everyday for lunch in office canteen, in london. I'm not a big fan of pizza - its just the best available lunch for me here. I hate the name - after all, a pizza boy never delivers pizza for himself!! I love indian food - frankly speaking, being a hardcore vegeterian you are anyways not left with too many options.
So when i began my journey to cambridge with two vegeterian mates (believe me its very rare event), I was very happy. The one-and-half hour journey to cambridge was nothing special - i slept for most of the part of journey as usual. I have a thing for sitting in something moving i guess - whenever i sit even in an auto, my brain ( a computer made in 80's ) is attacked by some unknown virus, it starts feeling overheated and tries to hibernate, my eyelids become so heavy, eventually however hard i try, i give in myself to this insatiable desire to sleep.
so i was explaining how happy i was to be with two vegeterians on board on my way to cambridge. Our first agenda was to know - a) where to roam around and most importantly b) what to eat?
I knew that even if you go to Paris ( will explain that trip some other day), if you have desire, you can always find an indian restaurent. So hoping for the same, i kept looking, while the friends along with me were too happy ( or too hungry ?) to see Pizza hut there and have something,I used all my negotiation and convincing skills ( dont laugh - i have some!! ) to ensure they also keep looking and just when we were about to give in to pizza hut - i spotted a restaurant called " Gandhi place - the indian restaurent". It was a matter of time when we were inside. we asked the lone indian waiter standing there - what is there to eat and what are the places we can visit in Cambridge. He started in Hindi : "yahan kuch nahi hai.. pata nahi log kyu aate hain yaha ghumne" - listenting to that i was already cursing my friend who took us there. Later he also handed us over the menu. First the drink menu - it had a big poster of GandhiJee on its background and all exotic drinks i have heard of printed over it. Then we looked at
the lunch menu - i couldn't spot a single vegeterian dish there.. only lambs, chicken and meat. May Mahatma Gandhi's soul rest in peace!!
So finally we were sitting in Pizza hut and the name struck again - The pizza boy!!!
The tri-colleges

we saw King's college - initiated by King Henry VI, Queen's college - initialted by the queen of king Henry VI ( there was a fair competition for supremacy even in those days!!!) and trinity college - initiated by ( ahem.. forgotten!!). Needless to say, they were too beautiful and scenic. In trinity college, I stood along with Mr Newton and we both had a photograph together. I also spotted Mr Amartya Sen in the Mess - but the thing i could not spot was the Newton's apple tree- which should have been there according to map provided there. Anyways, It was not the original apple tree which inspired Newton to come up with the theory of gravitation and all - but probably a descendent of that ( Man.. do you think it should be given any iota of attention ), original tree lies somewhere else.
The best thing we did there was punting - its rowing using a long bamboo. To move, you push the soil beneath the river using the bamboo and to steer you use the same bamboo in water, i also tried my hand without any success. The Puntman ( the one who was rowing for us , i dont know the word, so coined one), was not doing his job at his best - splashing the dirty water over us, and getting a hell lot of abuses in "hindi" from us for that and completing the punting in just 25 mins or so. Finally when our punting finished and we bid him goodbye - he said " Phir Milenge"..
The returning to london was as usual - the same virus hit my programs again and my brain was hibernating in no time..


Blogger Voice said...

bechare gandhi ji

ab suru tu bhi meat khana suru kar de

nice to c a post here after such a long time
keep writing

9:43 AM  
Blogger Voice said...

and when he said "phir milenge"
u ppl must hv felt good :)

9:44 AM  
Blogger Avinash singh said...

ha ha ha..

dekha saale.. non veg hone ke fayde..
nd bus/train/auto me sone ka itna mast funda... lag raha hai ki tu fodu ho gaya hai..

nd abt punting.. tum pucha nahi usse ki usko kaun kaun saa gaali samajh me aaya:)

1:51 AM  
Blogger saurabh said...

yaar uske accent se starting se hi kuch doubt ho raha tha ki hindi types bol sakta hai.. tom alter types tha wo...

yaar ab jis kaam ko karne se itne din bach gaye.. thora din aur sahi..

3:53 AM  
Blogger bp said...

I always thought, you worked hard, but now, In UK it seems you have some time .... so that u can waste over blogging...

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saurabh...tumney apne Punting skills ke baarey mein kuch nahi likha...not certainly deserves a few lines...let the world know how great a Punter u are...:P

12:22 PM  
Blogger saurabh said...

ofcourse i m great punter.. but its my blog and i wud write whatever i want.. if you want to write something write in ur own blog [:P]

5:32 PM  

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