Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yengappa Mooriyalle

Nowadays I am not in a mood of writing poems. Its not that I have written enough or I am.. sort of.. bored of it. This is because of my phony blogger friends. They would always pretend they can do everything!! It’s so disgusting. To tell you the truth, it’s so disgusting I can puke thinking of it!! I guess after reading my poetry they must have realized that if this sonuvabitch can write poems why can’t they!!! It’s funny though, in a way. You write one crap and then you are made to read several craps and to comment on them. Its not that I have to comment on them.. and frankly speaking I also don’t care if they comment on my post or not!!! (Of course I m lying!! :D)

The other reason for this change is this hell of a novel I was reading “The Catcher in the Rye" by Salinger. The protagonist of the novel is Holden Caulfield who is the most useless but still most reasonable character I have ever seen!! This post is dedicated to this character. In case you don’t know about this novel, for your GK , This is one of the most favorite books of Serial Killers. One guy, who killed this guy… John Lennon.. had this book and then One other Guy who tried to kill Ronald Reagan had it too... If you keep these incidences in mind...I am completely sober.

Let me come to my topic “Yengappa Mooriyalle ". All word power booster books tell you to go to the derivation of the word.. When was it first coined and all. This word was coined by my elder brother. But the popularity it has (I am sure none of you have ever heard of it!!) is just because of me.

It was when I went to Hosur to complete my training and all. I found there some friends from IIT Chennai. One day we were walking on the road when I realized how phony these guys are. They didn’t know more than 10 words of Tamil and were showing as if they had written the Tamil Grammar. These phonies were so disgusting. To tell you the truth, I can puke thinking of them.

They were talking among themselves and even they forgot they had someone around who didn’t know the 10 words of Tamil they knew. I can’t withstand such a phony behavior. To cut the crap… I suddenly said “Yengappa Mooriyalle” and guess what!! These phonies started trying to figure out the meaning!!! I am not saying those were not good people. They are really very nice people and all. I swear...really. But sometimes even good people can behave in a way which drives you crazy.

Take this guy... who also used to stay at the same place where I lived and unfortunately shared the same mess. If you know that most of the people are not Tamil there but still you start the conversation in Tamil... See others faces and then show as if you now realized that they don’t understand a damn thing... You are the most disgusting creature ever who set foot on this planet called earth!! Sonuvabitch!!! The only word I could utter to stop puking was “Yengappa mooriyalle”!!!!!
Now understand it you crap!!!

Hey people... if this piece of shit hurts you... Sorry... but I mean it!! And yes... This is not me but Holden Caulfield who is writing this!!! Sonuvabitch!!!


Anonymous Rashmi Agarwal said...

he he...I hope somebody puts in some great slangs for you here so that i dont have to do the dirty job :D.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Rashmi Agarwal said...

Oh by the way, next time you can use "To Kill a Mocking Bird" or "Forrest Gump". I guess Forrest Gump would be more in close to your way considering the protagonist and you share just one but very potent characteristic, both being mentally retarded :D.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Voice said...

mentally retarded ... nah i wdnt dare to say that... even i try i cant.

first paragraph was confusing but the last line was most confusing... i thought this is saurabh'spot.

one fact to add... u know in the movie conspiracy theory, mel gibson's fav book was also catcher in the rye. he had 1000+ copies of this book and yet he havnt read it once... chal movie hi dekh le. julia roberts bhi hai.

in the end samajh me nahi aya ki kya likha tune... i think tune puke hi mara hai... but somehow u managed to end all this nicely. Choas attracts me sometime u see.. and above all
yehgappa mooriyalle

11:18 AM  
Blogger Voice said...

really ... achha hai...

11:29 AM  
Blogger bp said...

Poetries are more beautiful(if not always efficient)way of communication...
blogs r freedom to write what u like in whatever form u like... so dont care abt other copiers(anyway u dont hav copyright 4 writing poetries :))

6:22 PM  
Blogger Hrishu Suman said...

Though Blogs give you the freedom to write whatever you want, yet it's not advisable to puke all the scorn in your own Blog under your own name! Ick!
I do detest those who wangle, but this is not the right way to show your abhorrence...
And about those who wangle your poetry, here it goes, an advertisement of PARLE perhaps...
"jab aap humare biscuit khaten hain toh humen khushi milti hai, aur jab koi unki nakal karta hai to humen Gurv hota hai.."

So, cheer up!

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Rashmi Agarwal said...

:D...finally abuses fall ur away:).

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

abe reply karega....

1:34 PM  
Blogger saurabh said...

1)he he he noone gona do the dirty job!!
2) gud idea

@bhau,bhaggu & hrishu
this post was dedicated to holden caulfield, the charecter, its his style i am copying here :)
and i said its not me who was writing it.. its Him.. I mean he hates every one and writes in this way!! hopefully u ppl wud read this very nice book " Catcher in the rye"

thnx all for commenting

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there... when the phrase was put into vogue... :)... Hosur ... 2004 ... Suru bhai...yaad hai ...

6:36 AM  
Blogger saurabh said...

guess.. this is akshat.. yaad hai boss.. kaise bhul sakte hain..

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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